Anna Sircova

Norrbro, Copenhagen | the 10th ward project

The project is dedicated to organizing alternative funding for the 10th ward, the Palliative Care Unit at the Latvian Oncology Center. The project aims to produce a photo book for fundraising purposes.  
More information on our website:

It is a collaboration between Anna Sircova and Dmitry Bulkin. Our first goal is to hold a photo-exhibition and photo-auction in Umea, Sweden, May-June 2012. 
The theme turned out to be ÒbikesÓ. DmitryÕs part has a working title ÒBroken FriendsÓ and my part: ÒLife-CycleÓ. 

By now I have a good amount of material and I would like to ask for help in selecting 15 images for the exhibit. 
Would appreciate support and any feedback for the project as a whole!

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