• my mom next to a big pine tree, covered with snow, Umea, Sweden

    Short stories about my mom

  • 10th-ward-project-exhibition-Riga

    One-Day-Gallery Event: Open Doors

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  • Cahit-Ece-1

    Cahit Ece

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  • Mayakovsky-Museum-Moscow-Russia-Anna-Sircova-1

    Russian wonders: Mayakovsky Museum

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  • proposing on the Easter sunday at sunrise with the view over Copenhagen from the Vor Frue Kirke

    The Trumpet Story

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  • a dog covered with snow crossing the road on a crosswalk

    CPH: personal

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  • reflecting in the windows of the Copenhagen Royal Theater, someone drinking coffee, not paying attention to the beautiful sunset, photographs in the restaurant give an interesting interplay with forms and colors

    exploring reflections

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  • people looking at the Australian red sand at the 15m3 installation at Den Frie

    Modern art

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  • man's silhouette on a crosswalk in Copenhagen, Denmark

    on a crosswalk | Copenhagen

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  • a couple walks hand in hand by the lakes in Copenhagen in the afternoon light

    Street poetry

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  • unplugged...


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