I am a psychologist, a researcher, visual artist, creative thinker and doer. Denmark is the sixth country that became my home (with 11 cities and over 20 addresses along the way). For over 20 years now I’m curious about the concept of time, which I do research and creative projects about.

I am passionate for cross-disciplinary dialogue and in my work I bring together academia, its applications and arts. See for example, Celebrating Time: 3rd International Conference and Festival on Time Perspective.

I’m the Head of the Board at Time Perspective Network, an association that unites people across 40+ different countries passionate about the concept of time.

My research focuses on how people perceive time of their life, what are their attitudes towards their own past, present and future, how they make decisions based on that and how it impacts their well-being among other things.

This research forms the base of my practical work as a psychologist and various courses, workshops and interventions that I offer in my Creative Time Studio.

I teach my own course on Psychology of Time and Psychology of Endings, additionally, I give variety of guest lectures and workshops on topics such as Time and Trauma, Sustainability and Personal Temporal Profiles, Imagining Futures, Introduction to Art Therapy, Synesthesia: Encoding Music through Color, Developing a Balanced Time Perspective, Building up Resilience.

I practice various forms of arts. My photography, visual arts, multi-media, performance and installation projects often explore the themes of identity, loss, image of the future and other mysteries of life. Many of the projects are inspired by life events or my research results and have been exhibited or performed at various festivals and other venues across the world.  

Currently I’m curious about futurization, hope to create usable science, occasionally dance tango or blues and struggle to make a sound on the Indian flute.

Here’s what I’m working on right now.

I’m open for various projects, such as public speaking about psychology of time, facilitating workshops on creativity as a resource or how to find time at your organization, or supervising students on variety of levels (BA, MA, PhD).

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