Inner Art

This project lasted from January 2017 to August 2017. It was  an exploration of my emotions on a particular day. It was a direct inner answer to the various surroundings, what caught my attention at the time, what was the greater context – all of this combined was transformed into these abstract watercolors. During the period, besides residing in Copenhagen, I was travelling in Nepal, Greece, Germany and Latvia – this has influenced the palette as well.

In a way it is a visual diary of the events that happened during that period and places I have visited. It has been an interesting journey to see how the brushstrokes would change, which brush I tended to use and what were the dominant colors in the palette. Looking at the each of the canvases I can easily tell the story of what was happening then, where was I, what was on my mind and how I felt. There were bad days, filled with anger, uncertainty, anxiety, sadness, etc. and there were good days, filled with inner peace, calmness, appreciation and joy.


Work in Progress, group show, Gallery Rhizom, Copenhagen, Denmark, January 2018

Festival International Art & Culture, CAPSA 2017, 3rd Jugurtha Session, Gafsa, Tunisia, 20-30 August, 2017