Dream Guardians

Who is Guarding Your Dream?

A friend once wrote: “There is a legend in India that our world is a dream of a Goddess. While she sleeps, the world exists…”

I thought to myself, we shouldn’t disturb her sleep, otherwise we will cease to exist…

I started to wonder, who is she? Where does she sleep? How did she fall asleep? Is there anyone guarding her dream? So that she won’t wake up? Or maybe there are other Goddesses who sleep and continue to dream our world while she is awake. They sleep to keep the world stable and to prevent it from disappearing.

There are, however, those moments, when the Goddess is already awake, but the dream guardian haven’t fully fallen asleep yet and patches of that dream world get torn and not really woven back into the new canvas. They float around and end up in the Garden of the Lost Dreams.

Let’s not disturb the sleep of the Goddess if we don’t want to disappear..

This project explores the notion of dream time. What happens to the subjective sense of time while we sleep and dream? There are not that many studies that explore that. Additionally, approximately 30% of global population (a variety of adult samples drawn from different countries) report one or more of the symptoms of insomnia: difficulty initiating sleep, difficulty maintaining sleep, waking up too early, and in some cases, non-restorative or poor quality of sleep, which of course, affect overall quality of life. What happens to the world when we don’t get enough sleep and can’t dream?



4th International Conference on Time Perspective, Nantes, France, August 27-31, 2018

Berlin Soup International Festival of Arts, Berlin, Germany, July 19 – 21, 2018

Group show, Work in Progress, Gallery Rhizom, Copenhagen, Denmark, January 2018