Futurize Me

(towards something new)

An experimental story-telling performance, which came as a fruit of a psychology driven research in time perspective and meditative musical improvisation. It explores the connection gaps between the presence and the future. The holistic mindset and reflective curiosity of Ohno (Anna Sircova) and Mr. Bugbird (Alex Choub), the time traveling future strategists, invites audience to tune into their conversation filled with memories, poetry, pictures, atmospheric music and curiosity to understand humanity.

The show’s line between the real and the made-up is thin for a reason. Creators blend the two in a way that leaves audience wondering about their own perception and approach to the unknown of the subsequent. “There seems to be a gap between the now and the future”, says Anna Sircova, the psychologist behind the performance, “FUTURIZATION project explores this emotional space through visuals and sounds, examining how we can incorporate future-mindfulness in our behavior… How can we co-create more space for futurization and meaningful actions?”.

FUTURIZE ME: Towards Something New – is a mind-provoking, meditative, music and stories filled experience for the future-curious.



Futurization strategist, ANNA SIRCOVA, is at the forefront of new explorations of time & behavior shaped & influenced by new realities of the immediate future in our lives & awareness of the importance of defining manageable futures beyond today’s challenges.

ALEX CHOUB, whose musical journey as composer & guitarist is a highly creative & socio-spiritual adventure in the archaeology of a now that is also the bedrock of the future.

Production Team:

Costumes: Laureline Demonet

Performance & script advisor: Bruno Rigobello

Performance & script advisor, Description: Aurelija Deksnytė



NOWTOPIA: A Gathering of Ideas, Actions, Performance, and Alliances for Making Change, Copenhagen, Denmark, August 14-20, 2018

Berlin Soup International Festival of Arts, Berlin, Germany, July 19 – 21, 2018