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Time Talks – online journal of the International Time Perspective Network

Book chapters

Sircova, A., Scharf, A. E., Kennedy, M., & Päivinen, P. R. (2019). Futurization of Thinking and Behavior: Exploring People’s Imaginaries About the Future and Futurization. In Managing Screen Time in an Online Society (pp. 219-245). IGI Global.

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Sircova, A., van de Vijver, F. J., Osin, E., Milfont, T. L., Fieulaine, N., Kislali-Erginbilgic, A., & Zimbardo, P. G. (2015). Time Perspective Profiles of Cultures. In Time Perspective Theory; Review, Research and Application (pp. 169-187). Springer International Publishing.

Journal articles

Wittmann, M., & Sircova, A. (2018). Dispositional orientation to the present and future and its role in pro-environmental behavior and sustainability. Heliyon, 4(10), e00882.

Sircova A, Karimi F, Osin EN, Lee S, Holme P, et al. (2015) Simulating Irrational Human Behavior to Prevent Resource Depletion. PLoS ONE 10(3): e0117612. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0117612

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Seema, R., Quaglia, J. T., Brown, K. W., Sircova, A., Konstabel, K., & Baltin, A. (2014). The Estonian Mindful Attention Awareness Scale: Assessing Mindfulness Without a Distinct Linguistic Present Tense. Mindfulness, 1-8.

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Conference proceedings

Sircova A., Mitina O. (2008) Zimbardo time perspective inventory: A comparison across cultures. International Journal of Psychology. Vol.43. Issue 3/4. P.43.

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Sircova A. (2008). Developmental dynamics of person’s time perspective. PhD dissertation, Moscow.

Other publications

Sircova A. (2005) Youth section of Russian Psychological Society: First experience of conducting collaborative research. Psikhologicheskaya Gazeta, № 11, P. 8-9.

Manuscripts submitted and in preparation

Sircova, A., Patterson, C. & Schilling, E. (submitted). Constructing Biography – Constructing Identity: Changeable Concept of the Future in Migrants.