Futurize Me

FUTURIZE ME (towards something new) (exploring the gap between Now & the Future MICROtimeMACRO (the Future in Now) An experimental mind-opening thinking out holistic Performance FUTURIZE ME, MAGIC OF NEW HEALING PROPERTIES OF SOUND & VOICE WITH TIME & ITS RAINBOW AS ELEMENTS OF CURIOSITY & EMOTIVE FULFILLMENT FUTURIZE ME, *a multimedia project about the … Continue reading Futurize Me

Dream Guardians

Who is Guarding Your Dream? A friend once wrote: “There is a legend in India that our world is a dream of a Goddess. While she sleeps, the world exists…” I thought to myself, we shouldn’t disturb her sleep, otherwise we will cease to exist… I started to wonder, who is she? Where does she … Continue reading Dream Guardians

Inner Art

This project lasted from January 2017 to August 2017. It was  an exploration of my emotions on a particular day. It was a direct inner answer to the various surroundings, what caught my attention at the time, what was the greater context – all of this combined was transformed into these abstract watercolors. During the … Continue reading Inner Art


LifeCycle – as part of the 10th ward project, brings back the memories of joy connected to the first ride on a bike. It is a collection of visual stories related to biking and personal stories from people all over the world about how they learnt to bike, who helped them to master the bike and … Continue reading LifeCycle

the 10th ward project

The project aims to document the state of healthcare and social systems in Latvia through personal experiences of patients at the Palliative Care Unit at Latvian Oncology Center (the 10th ward), and in the long run raise funds for it. This project has started with the wish of my father to be photographed during his … Continue reading the 10th ward project