Joining the research project on global risks

The short visit to Moscow, Russia this April has been very productive. I have given a talk at the Department of Psychology at Moscow State University on April 19th, 2019: “Psychology of Time: Before, After and In-Between”. I’ve shared my latest research results from the Futurization project, but also talked about the Balanced Time Perspective construct and related research.

Additionally I have been invited to join the research project coordinated by Timofey Nestik:

Dear Anna Sircova,
On behalf of the Institute of psychology, Russian Academy of Sciences, we are happy to invite you to become part of the research group of the project “Psychology of human beings in conditions of global risks”, that is supported by a grant of the Russian Science Foundation (project № 18-18-00439).

I am really looking forward to contribute to this very important issue and project. Some of the first insights of which will be presented at the XVI European Congress of Psychology in Moscow, Russia this July during our symposium: Exploring various aspects of futurization.

What I Am Working On Now: February 2019

During February 2019 I am:


Concept for the arts part of the Time Perspectives Network meeting in Vilnius 2020, more info to follow soon.


Psychology of Time – at DIS: Study Abroad in Scandinavia, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Psychology of Endings– at DIS: Study Abroad in Scandinavia, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Guest lecture “Time and Trauma” at the Psychology of Crisis course, DIS: Study Abroad in Scandinavia, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Where is My Time – at my Creative Time Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dealing with Endings in a Creative Way – at my Creative Time Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark.


Linking the time awareness, future thinking and sustainability across disciplines: Futurization of thinking and behavior. Time Perspective Network, Copenhagen, Denmark.


About the Hindustani Classical Music and how to play on Bansuri flute.


How do I manage all of the above and a few things that were left out? I love working with my version of the bullet journal and I also follow my own medicine regarding taking the creative breaks.

I am available for giving workshops on how to deal with culture shock, using creativity as a resource or how to find your time. I would be thrilled to develop a tailored talk / workshop regarding time, creativity and your field of interest.

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