Going Green

we are surrounded by them..

things we buy..
things we find..
things we make
or things we get..
things we hate…
or never forget..

some of them we throw away..
some – accompany us all the way..

some are dear to us
some we have to let go..
some we really want to get rid of..
and some chose to get lost..

some of the things we make..
they stay..

This project, Going Green or Second Life, is an exploration of the personal identity of things that somehow accompany us. In this costumer driven society, we are all pushed to get more and more, new and newer. But some people choose something different. They redesign something old to make something new. They get attached to some of the objects and bring them along wherever they go. They collect particular objects, because of their interests, because of who they are. It is a collective portrait.

The projected was started in 2011 and is still ongoing.

Sigrid, who makes lamps from things she finds in a recycling center.

Yulia, who repaired a chair found on the street.