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CPH: personal

With our Copenhagen based photo collective we decided to have a two week photo project: “A personal view on Copenhagen”. It was inspired by the preview of a project by Michał Kwapisiewicz.

It was very interesting to see what people came up with as their take on the brief. The idea was to have some fresh work. During those two weeks many things were in transition for me and I think my final selection for this mini project reflects it. I didn’t really conceptualized my take on the brief. These are more or less snap shots from my daily life in Copenhagen at the moment. Most of the photographs are taken on my way to the Danish class or explorations of the neighborhood I currently live in, Norrebro. You’ll see quite a few cranes since the city is constructing or reconstructing many sites at the moment. These cranes become part of the cityscape. I wonder what are those internal cranes that currently work on my personal reconstruction…

When I was going through the photographs I took in those two weeks, I was listening to some music by Ósk. I felt like they go together very well and put together the slideshow with the final selects. Þorbjörg Ósk generously gave her permission to use one of her songs for it.

orange trees old hospital barcelona el raval

Barcelona: Exploring Your Vision (with Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, 2011)

This is a resulting gallery after one week workshop “Barcelona: Exploring Your Vision” with Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, 26.03-02.04, 2011.

It was an intensive workshop and it took me some time for everything to sink in, to digest.. We were a diverse group of amateurs and professionals coming from all over the world (Europe, Australia, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Indonesia)…. continue reading

4 hours of daylight

The idea was to explore the light, or rather the lack of light. Umea is a town in northern part of Sweden, quite close to the polar circle. During the winter months there is about 4 hours of daylight. However, there is a lot of artificial lights, especially during the Christmas season and the idea was to explore darkness and what people do in order to cope with it in their daily life.

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SPNP Umea bus station


Copenhagen boat people

"Don't set out to get something specific. Follow your nose, it may surprise you." - John Maloof

SPNP Umea bus station
“Capture a moment of silence in the never ending noise of the world”. – Pierre Belhassen

My entries to the Street Photography Now Project – Year 2