reflections of Jugend style building through trees

different Riga

Different Riga

A combination of a sunny day in autumnal Riga and holga lens provided some interesting results. I somehow like this plastic toy lens. It is so dark that one need to push the ISO quite a bit in order to be able to see at least something through it. That gives some grain and almost film feeling to it.

Riga has changed a lot during the last years that I’m not there. Since I don’t live here permanently I notice things that change from my previous short visits. I can’t say I know the city any more. I did grow up here, but it was a different time, a different country, a totally different era…

This time during my visit to Riga a lot of past became part of the present – meeting with classmates (some I haven’t seen for 18 years), visiting the secondary school I used to study in, going through my dad’s things in his apartment… Many things to reflect upon..

And maybe it’s not only Riga that is different, but it’s also me, who is different, who sees different things or sees differently..


rain drops on the tent


rain drops on the tent


a rainy autumn day …

when the rain drums on the window and the roof …

when you feel lazy and it feels right to just stay at home

when all is needed is a hot cup of tea and a very comfortable sofa

it would be perfect to light up the fireplace and listen..

listen to the rain outside and wood cracking by the fire

soft light and maybe some soft music on the background …

natural conditions for reflection and light melancholy

tree reflecting in the puddle

shadows of two people, one holding the umbrella, reflecting on wet pavement

man holding a big black umbrella