Anna Sircova

Category: Art

Visualizing time

Life of a Table

Time is such an interesting concept. However, we do not have a dedicated bodily organ to register it – we don’t have ‘nose’ that is dedicated to ‘smelling’ time, or ‘skin’ to ‘feel’ it. It always escapes, but it is always there at the same time. Here is one of my half-joking projects that aims…

Modern art

people looking at the Australian red sand at the 15m3 installation at Den Frie

Modern art: Reflections on the 15m3¬†installation by Jette Gejl and Bjorn Godwin at the Den Frie Center of Contemporary Art Modern art is not really self explanatory.. You really need to know the context of what was happening – at the exhibit we only see the result of a thought process and in order to…