Looking for participants – Indvielsen

We are continuing to work on our Indvielsen – The Danish Tribe project. Me and Laureline are looking for a few more people to become part of it! The first part of the project you can find here.

We are looking for women from the following countries and based in Copenhagen to join us in this quest:
Germany or Norway or Sweden
Turkey or Iran
Afghanistan or Pakistan or Syria
If you are interested or know someone who might be interested – please drop an email to Laureline: laurelinedemonet [at] gmail.com

We are looking forward to hearing your story!

Indvielsen – project update

Today we finally got around to work on the images. It is not that easy to figure out all the details, since it is rather special. The planned installation will take over one whole stretch of the construction wall around the future Metro station nearby the City Hall in Copenhagen. It’s dimensions are 4 meters high and 50 meters long. It is by far the largest project that I have done previously. We are happy that Andrea Landi is helping us out with this task. And we are looking forward to seeing the result.

Indvielsen in preparation

Indvielsen in preparation

Rediscovering yourself: Creative flow as a resource

After many years of being in-between the research and creative activities that I do, I have decided to try to blend them in together. And thus the Creative Time Studio was born. I’m not completely sure which direction it will go and which direction it will take me, but I would like to combine what I theoretically know about psychology of time and what I learned by doing all sorts of creative activities (photography, ceramics, mosaics, playing some instruments, my interest in arts – history of arts, visual arts, theater, architecture, and many others). I’m grateful to Maria Vegesh, who organized an online course where we followed Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way” – it gave me courage to try out a few things on my own and start the group – Rediscovering yourself: Creative flow as a resource.

We had a kick-off meeting today, November 1st, but there is still an opportunity to join in if you think it is something for you. The course is designed for 8 weeks. More information about the course is here.

Please get in touch if you would like to join the group.

Visualizing time

Time is such an interesting concept. However, we do not have a dedicated bodily organ to register it – we don’t have ‘nose’ that is dedicated to ‘smelling’ time, or ‘skin’ to ‘feel’ it. It always escapes, but it is always there at the same time. Here is one of my half-joking projects that aims to explore the notion of time. We can ‘see’ time when we witness change upon something constant. Table in this project plays that role. The photos were taken on the iPhone and are left as is. The original idea was to take photos every day for at least a year. But it didn’t really work out. Here are about 3 months of a life of a table. Enjoy!

Nadia and Mia

It was great to reconnect this summer with a good friend, Nadia, with whom we have studied in Moscow. Many things have happened for both of us during the time we have since each other last time, but the warm link was still there and it is a wonderful feeling when that happens. I was happy to be part of Nadia’s world for some time!

CV portraits shoot at the International House

I have been invited again to help out with the CV photos shoot for the people who are currently enrolled in Copenhagen Host Program at the International House. It has been as inspiring as the first time and the weather was on our side, so we could go out and do some shoots outside as well.

Here is a small selection of photos from the day.

We will have another session on September 1, between 13 and 17. Need a CV photo? Contact the Copenhagen Host Program.

Buy a print: support hospice and win a free photo shoot

I’m excited to announce an opportunity for you to win a free photo shoot. It is easy to enter the draw.

Join us at the Designers’ Collective Christmas Market, which is hosted by Mirins Copenhagen during 28-30 November. Buy a print for at least 250 DKK and leave your name (or business card) in the basket.

I’ll draw a random winner from the available names and cards on Monday, December 1.

Although there will be only one winner for the free photo shoot, but all who will buy a print will get a discount on my services as a photographer.

In case you would like to give a gift to someone, but not really sure what exactly that person wants, you can get a gift card during the Market. The gift card can be used either during the Market to get a print or hire me later on as a photographer.

And remember that by buying prints from the “10th ward projectyou directly support people to get care in hospice in Latvia.

It is a win-win for everyone! : )

I would really appreciate if you can spread this info among your friends and colleagues. And I’m looking forward to seeing you personally at the Market!


Designers’ Collective Christmas Market

Mirins Copenhagen

Blegdamsvej 108, Copenhagen, Osterbro

November 28-30

10:00 – 18:00

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/996092183750556/

Win a free photo shoot

Designers’ Collective Christmas Market


I’m happy to be part of the Designers’ Collective Christmas Market this year. It is hosted by Mirins Copenhagen.

Friday 28 nov – Sunday 30 nov 10:00 – 18:00 daily
Blegdamsvej 108, Østerbro, Copenhagen

We are a group of artists, designers and craftsmen that will provide you with opportunity to get some really special gifts for your-self and your loved ones! They are all unique, hand-made and local.

I’m going to present the prints from the “10th ward project“: both my series, LyfeCycle, and Broken Friends by Dmitry Bulkin. The proceedings from the sales will go to help the palliative care unit at the Latvian Oncology Center, the only hospice like place in the country. At the Market the prints will be available in different formats: postcards, 20x30cm and 40x60cm. 20x30cm prints are made on Kodak Professional Endura paper, matte finish. 40x60cm prints are exhibition quality prints – some are on the foam and some come with a 5 cm white passepartout – all are ready to be put on the wall. You can see the available prints and also buy them online if you cannot attend the market.

Hope to see you there!

We’ll be ready with gløgg, cookies and a complimentary mini hand spa with Mirins’ delicious scrub and handbalm :)!

A few words about who-is-who in the Market:

Mirins Copenhagen offers natural bath and body care products. Each item is handcrafted, to ensure the highest quality. The products are developed based on Herbalism and Aromatherapy. Only natural ingredients are used, free of preservatives, free of synthetic additives and free of artificial perfumes.

Hamide: is a design brand aiming to enhance people’s everyday lives through limited edition inspirational collections on personal, home, and stationery goods.

KASKA Jewellery is a collection of Handmade Soutache Jewellery. This laborious, embroidery technique based on effective connection of silky soutache strings, beads and gemstones, lets us introduce unique and luxury pieces. Each piece is hand-crafted with great attention to the tiny detail, based one of the kind design concept.

Bosworth Studio: My Father’s pictures, which he created (ink on paper) back in the late 90’s. He never bothered to do anything about them and so now I’ve took it upon myself to publish and promote them, until now. The characters are stocky, humorous and meant to bring some joy into people’s lives. I on the other hand, his daughter, work with millions of geometrical figures and dominant colours.

Zheni & Stilyan Creatives are Østerbro based creative couple with great passion for illustration & design, parterns, colours and textures. Their very first collection of precious and humorous postcards and totebags will land Mirins Julemarked. Do not miss a chance to come and pick a favourite for you and for someone you love!

Qiim is Hand Made! Qiim is Beautiful …Qiim is French! So, let me introduce myself. My name is Céline; I am a French designer who now lives in Copenhagen. I seek inspiration from everywhere in the world and I strive to reflect this in the design I produce. One of my favorite passion when I am travelling it s to spend hours in the markets looking for beautiful fabrics because every one of them have their own magic, their own history. They are coming from amazing and breath taking places around the world. Their colors are so vibrant that it will warm up your every day looks. Since 2012, Qiim is running in the family, our priority is to keep our production hand made . We love the idea of making every customer unique. “Chosen by you ! Created by us”We are dedicated to provide a large range of accessories such as scarfs, crochet booties, baby cover …all with an unique ethnic touch.

Sol Hallset is Norwegian, but moved to Copenhagen after finishing her education at the Art Academy in Bergen. She works mostly with drawing, often in large scale, but she also makes paintings, textile work and writes. Her work is centered around thoughts and theories of the human being and the world we create, and the human figure is often the motif in her work. At the moment she is showing the exhibition “frejdig når du går” in Brorsons Kirke in Copenhagen, and selling smaller prints/works in the shop Vaerkstedet in Blågårdsgade and in different Christmas markets, as well as Mirins.