What I am Working on Now – June 2018

During June 2018 I am:


Futurize Me performance for Berlin Soup International Festival of Arts – a multi-media project with live music and storytelling, based on the research results from Futurization project. In collaboration with Alex Choub, Bruno Rigobello and Laureline Demonet; Berlin, Germany, July 19 – 21, 2018

Dream Guardians and Jah Time installation for the 4th International Conference and Festival on Time Perspective – a multi-media project aimed to create a special place within the space of the Conference, a space to take a moment for one-self, to slow down, unwind and stop for a moment, to take a break, to breathe, to let go of the speed, to listen to the music and to others. In collaboration with Fernanda Poblete. Nantes, France, August 27-30, 2018.


A book chapter on Futurization for the “Managing Screen Time in an Online Society” to be published by IGI Global edited by Lídia Oliveira. Linking the time awareness, future thinking and sustainability across disciplines: Futurization of thinking and behavior. Time Perspective Network, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Playing music:

Every Sunday and some other random days of the week I join the Freetown Social Club, a charity jam orchestra. Come and see us or play with us!


How do I manage all of the above and a few things that were left out? I love working with my version of the bullet journal and I also follow my own medicine regarding taking the creative breaks.

I am available for giving workshops on how to deal with culture shock, using creativity as a resource or how to find your time. I would be thrilled to develop a tailored talk / workshop regarding time, creativity and your field of interest.

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Cahit Ece

Since my last trip to Turkey I really wanted to master ebru (traditional paper marbling technique) and learn how to play ney – traditional wind instrument that is used in sufi music. Both of the courses turned out to be possible in Copenhagen, which made me immensely happy! In case you’re in Copenhagen and also would like to learn to play ney, kaval or duduk – please join the course at Dialog Forum, where Cahit Ece teaches.

I’ve been doing my best in taming kaval for about a year now. Kaval is one of the oldest music instruments on Earth, it is 6000 years old. I find it simply amazing! I’m still struggling to make my flute sound consistently, so I’ll spare your ears! But just to give you an idea – here you can see our duo: Asli Sena Kucukyildiz playing kaval and me on guitar

Recently our Danish language school introduced new extra subjects, which are more projects. And in one of them we were preparing an interview on a chosen topic, then recording it and actually vising the radio and participating in the process of editing the recorded files into the radio program.

I interviewed Cahit and got to know what brought him to Denmark, why he decided not to pursue his career as a lawyer, but rather be a musician. Cahit also talks about 3 different types of flutes: Armenian duduk, Persian ney and Turkish kaval. It is my pleasure to present Cahit and his world of music to you. And if you’re brave enough to listen to the interview in Danish – you can find it on the Den2Radio website. You should at least listen to Cahit playing his favorite instrument – duduk.