Homeless Gallery exhibition during the Copenhagen Photo Festival

Norse Creative

I would like to invite you to the Homeless Gallery, an event that our collective, Norse Creative, is organizing within the Copenhagen Photo Festival this year.

The concept of the Homeless Gallery was founded in Poland in 2001 by Tomek Sikora and Andrzej Świetlik and since then has found temporary homes in more than 80 countries.

The idea with the Homeless Gallery is to enable all artists to publicly show their work, which for different reasons would otherwise not make it to public display.

Artists who cannot afford a gallery, artists who like to experiment, artists who would not think of showcasing their work to other people than family and friends. But also for professional artists who want to show some of their more personal projects.

The exhibition is not curated and open to all artists. Everybody can show their work, professionals, amateurs, students.

There are no entry requirements with regards to theme, format or genre. The exhibition will show work solely based on the artists self-censorship.

The Homeless Gallery has no permanent residence, it appears, opens its doors to the public, only to vanish again after a short while. The exhibition shall be a tribute to the many forms of photography and shall give space to a unique collection of photographical work, which will only exist in this form for a limited time.

This year we expect to host about 35 artists from various countries, residing mainly in Copenhagen, but also coming from London and Amsterdam.

The exhibition will open on Thursday, June 12th at 20.00 – we will have also some live music that day, first it will be UNA VOX – cello duo and then a bit of gypsy jazz in Django Reinhardt style by Swing Partout trio.

From Friday to Sunday the Gallery will be open from 14.00 till around 22.00 and maybe later!

We have a nice lineup of live music for Friday, June 13th, starting with yours truly as part of the Turkish flute class  with our teacher Cahit Ece at 15.00 (I’ll be on the guitar though), later at 17.00 we’ll have Cloos/Lund/Søgaard jazz trio, then around 20.00 – a band called Pierrot le Flou (beautiful music and vocal! not to miss!!) and there will be a DJ duo at the end of the evening…

Saturday is dedicated more to the photography – we will have Dmitry Bulkin from London giving an artist talk during the day and then Erik Schrader will join the Gallery with his artist talk and we’ll hear and see also from two travellers about their project in Uganda.

Some other events are planned as well, but we’re still in the process on finalizing the program – it’s our first event, so please, bare with us!

The Homeless Gallery is hosted by KW3, a project and cultural house for the young entrepreneurs and artists, located in Østerbro.


KW3, Krausesvej 3, 2100 København Ø.


Opening Hours

Opening 12 June 2014, 20:00 – 22:00

13 – 15 June 2014, 14:00 – 22:00


Additional Events during the Exhibition

Artist talks by Erik Schrader (DK), Dmitry Bulkin (UK)

Music by Una Vox, Swing Partout, Cahit Ece, Cloos/Lund/Søgaard Trio, Pierrot le Flou and DJs Mie Berhmann & Ignas


Free Entrance

Please support the event and the house that is hosting us by buying a beer at the house bar!



I will be there all days and will be happy to welcome you and give a personalized tour around!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


About Norse Creative

Norse Creative was founded in 2013 and is a photography and visual arts collective based in Copenhagen.

Currently Norse Creative consists of the following photographers: Anna Sircova (Latvia), Bastien Vaucher (Switzerland), Catalin Mihaila (Romania), Inesa Adamonyte (Lithuania), Johnny Frank Nielsen (Denmark), Michal Kwapisiewicz (Poland), Malte Brandenburg (Germany), Petra Lang (Romania) and Scott Urquhart (Canada).


Cahit Ece

Since my last trip to Turkey I really wanted to master ebru (traditional paper marbling technique) and learn how to play ney – traditional wind instrument that is used in sufi music. Both of the courses turned out to be possible in Copenhagen, which made me immensely happy! In case you’re in Copenhagen and also would like to learn to play ney, kaval or duduk – please join the course at Dialog Forum, where Cahit Ece teaches.

I’ve been doing my best in taming kaval for about a year now. Kaval is one of the oldest music instruments on Earth, it is 6000 years old. I find it simply amazing! I’m still struggling to make my flute sound consistently, so I’ll spare your ears! But just to give you an idea – here you can see our duo: Asli Sena Kucukyildiz playing kaval and me on guitar

Recently our Danish language school introduced new extra subjects, which are more projects. And in one of them we were preparing an interview on a chosen topic, then recording it and actually vising the radio and participating in the process of editing the recorded files into the radio program.

I interviewed Cahit and got to know what brought him to Denmark, why he decided not to pursue his career as a lawyer, but rather be a musician. Cahit also talks about 3 different types of flutes: Armenian duduk, Persian ney and Turkish kaval. It is my pleasure to present Cahit and his world of music to you. And if you’re brave enough to listen to the interview in Danish – you can find it on the Den2Radio website. You should at least listen to Cahit playing his favorite instrument – duduk.


Russian wonders: Mayakovsky Museum


Museum dedicated to Vladimir Mayakovsky is one of my favorite museums. I can’t say I’m a big fan of Mayakovsky. Of course, I was read his children’s poetry when I was small. Of course, I read some of his other works while studying in high school. But that’s pretty much it. I don’t really remember how I ended up visiting the museum for the first time, but I instantly fell in love with it. It is a very special museum, it is more of an art installation actually. I’ve heard bits of an excursion once and ever since wanted to go on one there. Never could either find the time or the money to do it while I was living in Moscow. This summer, finally, it all worked out.

The only reason I’m writing all this is that the museum will be closed by the end of August 2013. What will become of the museum and its unique installation no one knows. It is located very centrally in Moscow and we were told that most of the museum’s premises will be taken away, only one room will remain there. I really felt shocked when at the end of the visit we were told that these are the last days of the museum… I was thinking “And what’s next then?”… Over the coffee, later the same afternoon we got to know that the Russian Academy of Sciences was just shut down… I’m not sure I want to know any more, what’s next…

So in case you’re in Moscow now or planning a trip there in the nearest future – do visit Mayakovsky Museum! You’ll walk through and experience a special form of the Soviet art of the 1920’s, the constructivism and futurism of the era. And I really recommend to take a guide! You can call the museum, ask for Karina – she can guide you in Russian, English or German.

Mayakovsky Museum
Lubyansky proezd 3/6, bldg. 4
Moscow, 101000
phone: +7 – 095 – 621-65-91; 621-93-87; 628-25-69

Working hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10:00 – 17:00
Thursday: 13:00 – 20:00







proposing on the Easter sunday at sunrise with the view over Copenhagen from the Vor Frue Kirke

The Trumpet Story

Københavns Domkirke at sunrise

Vor Frue Kirke – Københavns Domkirke | Good morning, Copenhagen!

Trumpet Solo at Sunrise

one simple story
and maybe not a story
and maybe not so simple 
we’d like to tell about
we do remember it from childhood
and maybe not from childhood
and maybe even don’t remember
but will try to recollect
“Tomorrow morning you can see the sun rise over the rooftops of Copenhagen from the spire of Vor Frue Kirke. Be there at 06.30 and join for a walk up the stairs accompanied by a trumpet solo.”  It was the Easter sunday morning. I was surprised to see that many people at this hour. But in a few moments it became self-evident why.
Awaiting the sunrise | Københavns Domkirke

Awaiting the sunrise | Københavns Domkirke


It was an experience which doesn’t travel well with words or pictures, but I will do my best.


overview of Copenhagen towards City Hall side from the Københavns Domkirke

City Hall | Good morning, Copenhagen!

We were up in the bell tower with the wonderful view over Copenhagen. Waiting for the sun to rise. At the very tip of it the trumpet played a tune and people lit the candles. They sang a carol and let the moment sink in. On our way down, we noticed a couple that the guard just left standing there. He was making a proposal and she didn’t know. The guard had promised to the man that he could have the spire and the sunrise just for themselves.


overview of Copenhagen towards the Baltic Sea with the bridge to Malmo, Sweden

The Sunrise | Good morning, Copenhagen!

proposing on the Easter sunday at sunrise with the view over Copenhagen from the Vor Frue Kirke

“will you …” | Good morning, Copenhagen!



a dog covered with snow crossing the road on a crosswalk

CPH: personal

With our Copenhagen based photo collective we decided to have a two week photo project: “A personal view on Copenhagen”. It was inspired by the preview of a project by Michał Kwapisiewicz.

It was very interesting to see what people came up with as their take on the brief. The idea was to have some fresh work. During those two weeks many things were in transition for me and I think my final selection for this mini project reflects it. I didn’t really conceptualized my take on the brief. These are more or less snap shots from my daily life in Copenhagen at the moment. Most of the photographs are taken on my way to the Danish class or explorations of the neighborhood I currently live in, Norrebro. You’ll see quite a few cranes since the city is constructing or reconstructing many sites at the moment. These cranes become part of the cityscape. I wonder what are those internal cranes that currently work on my personal reconstruction…

When I was going through the photographs I took in those two weeks, I was listening to some music by Ósk. I felt like they go together very well and put together the slideshow with the final selects. Þorbjörg Ósk generously gave her permission to use one of her songs for it.

people looking at the Australian red sand at the 15m3 installation at Den Frie

Modern art

people looking at the Australian red sand at the 15m3 installation at Den Frie

Jette Gejl and Bjorn Godwin: 15m3 at the Den Frie Center of Contemporary Art | Copenhagen, Denmark

Modern art:

Reflections on the 15m3 installation by Jette Gejl and Bjorn Godwin at the Den Frie Center of Contemporary Art

Modern art is not really self explanatory.. You really need to know the context of what was happening – at the exhibit we only see the result of a thought process and in order to appreciate it we need to get into the narrative that was accompanying the artist in the act of producing his/her art pieces..

What was the starting point? How was it evolving in-between? What were the alternatives?.. The whole decision-making process is hidden from the viewer – we only get the final result, which would have probably made sense if we’d known all the intermediate steps that had lead to it, the full tree of decisions.. However, we’re left to wonder about the final result of this tedious thought process and all the reductions in-between. I’m usually extremely puzzled and have no idea ..

If you’re lucky to attend the artist talk – then many things fall into their places.. Otherwise it remains as a random object rather than art.. Out of context… Yet another bubble..

If there is no one to tell that this sand came from Australia and it is supposed to explore the role of art in the climate change debate by stating how much tons of carbon emissions it has produced by bringing it all the way to Denmark.. If there is no one to tell you this, the red sand remains just the red sand on the floor of a room…

However, even knowing all of the above, it doesn’t really help in overcoming the amotivation in the environmental behaviors in my opinion. Somehow just giving the information about those issues, even in the artistic form about the overuse of the natural resources and pollution that we all jointly create, unfortunately will not lead to taking any constructive actions something that would lead to change, at the best it will make people wonder for some time.

I think if the artist would sort of follow up on the people who came to view the exhibit it can bring the concept even further. Just a small question to ask: “Now that you know this, what are you going to do about it?”, “If you do care for these issues, what could you do as an individual to contribute to the overall change?”

I believe that all the big changes happen due to small individual acts combined together..

15m3 is part of the 5 Solo exhibition at the Den Frie Center of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark. It is on display from 2 March till 31 March, 2013.


It happened suddenly on february 15th, 2013. Am not really sure what exactly, but it just happened. It is something in-between… the time in-between.. the space in-between.. stagnation went away and something new started to take place.. but it’s not there yet.. and it is not very clear yet what exactly is it.. it’s not exactly stray any more, but it is still quite shapeless and it might even stay that way.. but it’s breathing…




follow this in-between project (or maybe not a project) on tumblr or flickr

somewhere.. here or there.. everywhere and nowhere… stray.. transitional.. in passing.. undefined…


People figures, siluettes in contrasting sun light in Amager park in Copenhagen, Denmark. Particiapnts of the photowalk event organized through CouchSurfing.

Photography and visual arts group startup

I will quote Scott Urquhart’s message on CouchSurfing forum about our joint venture that will start this Saturday, January 19th. If you’re a photographer based in Copenhagen and this idea sounds appealing for you – we will be happy to see you!

A friend and I are starting a group with the aim to meet on a regular basis to inspire each other with photography and other visual arts projects. Some of the initial ideas for regular activities would be:

-peer review/feedback on work
-discuss (art-)photography books and other publications
– watch documentaries together
– any other ideas that might give creative inspiration and help develop projects

If anyone would like to be involved, we are having an initial planning meeting this coming Saturday (19th Jan) and would love to have you come along. The details of the meeting are:

Saturday 19th Jan
13.00 – 15.00

Cafe at Støberiet
Blågårds Plads 3, 2.sal og 3.sal

If you think you might drop by, it would be good to send me a message, but also fine if you just show up. Hope to see you !

Scott and Anna


The idea came up on the photowalk, organized by another couchsurfer and photography enthusiast on December 1st in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was a wonderful day, but I still didn’t had the time to create a comprehensive gallery from that event. The image of the winter bathing club and this reflection in the windows are from that walk.

reflections of Jugend style building through trees

different Riga

Different Riga

A combination of a sunny day in autumnal Riga and holga lens provided some interesting results. I somehow like this plastic toy lens. It is so dark that one need to push the ISO quite a bit in order to be able to see at least something through it. That gives some grain and almost film feeling to it.

Riga has changed a lot during the last years that I’m not there. Since I don’t live here permanently I notice things that change from my previous short visits. I can’t say I know the city any more. I did grow up here, but it was a different time, a different country, a totally different era…

This time during my visit to Riga a lot of past became part of the present – meeting with classmates (some I haven’t seen for 18 years), visiting the secondary school I used to study in, going through my dad’s things in his apartment… Many things to reflect upon..

And maybe it’s not only Riga that is different, but it’s also me, who is different, who sees different things or sees differently..